How I Can Help

Are you worried about your child?

Are you seeking support for a child or young  person who may be finding it hard to cope emotionally? Perhaps there have been some difficult life events or challenging experiences which have knocked emotional well-being.

21st Century life presents so many challenges to our young people. Issues like bullying, anxiety, the loss of loved ones, relationships , family breakdown, trauma, friendship issues, stress, abuse, exam worries, worries about self esteeem, concerns about body image and identity, feeling lost and alone and so many others can overwhelm emotions, leaving us feeling isolated, worthless, confused and not knowing which way to turn…..

Counselling offers a safe, private and trusting space where we can work together to take tentative steps into a positive future.


Why counselling children and teenagers is different

When I work with children, I want to help them develop emotional awareness and new understandings.

But, children grow and develop at different speeds!

A young child may not have the speech and language skills to talk about or understand what they are experiencing emotionally.

An older child may be able to describe their feelings but traditional counselling may feel overwhelming or even scary.

And, a teenager, living through physical and emotional change as they move towards independence might struggle with self esteem and self consciousness, which may make it really hard for them to feel comfortable in a counselling relationship.

By being open and sensitive to the differing needs and uniqueness of my clients and by offering a variety of creative and expressive approaches, I can help your child to get in touch with their emotional feelings, express them and make sense of them, when the words are hard to find.

Above all, I will provide an empathic, trusting, safe place for your child to explore how to cope when life is difficult.

Relationships & Divorce

Are you struggling to cope with separation or the breakdown of a relationship?

Relationship breakdown can strain all areas of life and generate changes that can be really hard to adjust to:

Maybe you are trying to make sense of what has happened. Perhaps it feels like the sadness and heartache will never end. You might be feeling angry or hurt. Or scared and fearful for your future.

Do you have concern around sharing the care of your children or how to move on, towards your future?

I wonder if you are trying to be strong for other people but it feels like no-one is listening to you?

Counselling offers a safe, gentle space where you will be heard and experience support as you go through this difficult time.